Mission Statement

The career and technical philosophy of the Franklin County School District states that its main function is to provide an educational setting conducive to the attainment of the student's career goals. These career goals will be met as the students become proficient in marketable skills relevant to one of our career and technical areas. Each student will participate in coursework that provides training for these skills. We feel that it is our responsibility to provide these opportunities to every student regardless of innate abilities. Our efforts also will include students regardless of race, sex, or religion.

It is also our belief that there is dignity in work and that regardless of how menial a job or task may seem, if done properly, skillfully, and efficiently it will contribute to our economy and society. Skillful and efficient job performance gives dignity to occupations and workers. Every human being wishes to be respected, whether their abilities are small or great, and in oral terms we are bound to grant that right.

All programs of Franklin County School District are updated annually based on the standards set forth by the Mississippi State Board of Education and the Franklin County Board of Education. These program reviews are used to continually improve career and technical course offerings and the quality of the instruction in the Franklin County Schools.